This site is created regarding the establishment plan of United Non-Governmental organization (UNG) which has been originally registered at National Library in 2004.

The idea is to unite the Non-Governmental Organizations across the world into one integrated international organization. This unified organization is created with the goal of establishing welfare, security, better democracy, suitable relations among different nations, and finally stable peace in the world.

UNG can be viewed as the backbone of the world structure, where mankind, regardless of age, gender, religion or nationality, can turn to for help. UNG is created without the interference of governments and their many restrictive rules. It consists of groups of human beings, in the shape of non-governmental organizations, wanting to help another human being for the sake of helping, and not for any personal gain.

To make this happen, we need worldwide support in establishment of UNG, since any international decision needs international support. Even a simple e-mail would go a long way.

Contact us and let us know of your opinions and any ideas you may have. We look forward to hearing from you at:

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